How to Find My Biological Father For Free

The internet is a great place to look for information about your biological father. Facebook and other social media sites have billions of users and you can find a lot of information about him. You can search for his name to narrow down your search. You can also search using his middle name.

You can also search on Facebook by using the search function on your browser. Log into your Facebook account and click on search. Once you are on Facebook, start searching by typing in the last name and city. You can also add ‘death’ to your search. Death notices contain a lot of personal information and your father’s name is likely to appear.

If you have a 3% DNA match, contact the person. These matches are more likely to be distant relatives. In some cases, 3% matches can lead to information about your birth parents. For example, Susana Boggs, from Texas, found her father using a 3% match. Anne Angot, from France, also found her biological father using this method. When contacting a DNA match, be sensitive and understanding.

Getting a copy of your pre-adoption birth certificate is another option. Adoptive parents and other relatives may know little about you, but any information is better than none. Your state’s Department of Vital Records may be able to help you with this. However, it is important to note that the laws regarding adoption vary from state to state. Often, adoption records are sealed to protect the privacy of the biological family. However, New York, Hawaii, Washington, and Rhode Island permit you to request a copy of your pre-adoptive birth certificate. In Missouri, you can even request a copy of your pre-abandjustment birth certificate.

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