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If you are looking for a way to spice up your wardrobe for the holiday season, you may be interested in the new Blinding Lights NoBudge Shadow Holiday Set. This set will allow you to try out 77 different shades of makeup and make a bold statement in no time. You can even buy a starter pack to get you started if you’re a bit of a novice.

Ham on Rye

Ham on Rye is a Factory 25 film by the name of Tyler Taormina. It is a worthy contender for best indie movie of the year. Although the plot isn’t groundbreaking, it does contain a few standout moments. In addition to the main character, the cast also includes Haley Bodell, John Cho and David Hyde Pierce. The ensemble is the epitome of adolescent angst, and isn’t without its share of knuckleheads.

Interestingly enough, the production cost for the film is relatively low. Despite the budgetary constraints, the quality is top-notch, especially in the starring roles. Also, the crew isn’t afraid to show their stuff, which is a win-win in our book. So if you’re looking for a fun afternoon, this is the movie to check out.

Probably the best part of Ham on Rye is that it is a prequel to Bukowski’s oeuvre of fiction. Among other things, the film traces Bukowski’s alter ego Henry Chinaski’s early days. As a kid growing up in Los Angeles in the early part of the twentieth century, the budding scribe frequently gets into mischief with his parents

Films dramatic and experimental

NoBudge, a web-based indie film festival, features a unique mix of the dramatic and experimental. Their mission is to provide a home for emerging indie filmmakers, and they offer a wide selection of short films to watch. They also have a series of events arenagadgets, including a live screening, Afterparty and Q&A. You can even stream their entire collection on Roku and Apple TV.

The term “experimental” can have many different meanings, but it basically refers to a form of cinema that is made outside of the mainstream commercial filmmaking industry. Usually, it is used to describe films that do not have a conventional narrative structure. It often uses non-professional actors, and relies on unconventional techniques and styles.

While it can be difficult to determine what makes a good experimental film, the best ones are thought-provoking, challenging the accepted norms of the genre, and evoking an emotional response in the audience. Some examples include mash-ups, which combine elements of several different media, and a variety of visual and sound techniques worddocx.

Budge Shadow Holiday Set

During the holiday season, you will definitely want to add the new Blinding Lights No Budge Shadow Holiday Set to your beauty arsenal. These eye shadow sticks deliver high-pigment multi-dimensional color in a jiffy. They come in a variety of iridescent and metallic shades. You can also use them to create dynamic shimmery shadows in an instant. Whether you are a makeup veteran or just starting out, this is an easy, convenient gift for everyone

This limited-edition set includes four blindingly metallic shades and an integrated sharpener. It also comes with a twist-up design to make application easy. And if you need a little help with the blending process, it comes with a highlighting brush. The set is available for only $15. Plus, you can enjoy free shipping if you order $30 or more.


During the holidays, you can find a wide range of affordable cosmetics at e.l.f., including eyeshadow, lippies, mascara, and more. To top it all off, you can buy some of the best brush sets on the market for your face and eyes. You can also shop for holiday gift sets with 30% off


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